Blues/Rock Jam Sessions hosted by Bad Mojo

May 11, 2023 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm BLUEStage Jams

Blues/Rock performance & Jam Session hosted by Bad Mojo

"Jam Sessions" at the BLUEStage are a labor of love and a networking center for musicians.  They are also a "cheap date" for folks to gather to hear 3 hrs of live music in both organized and spontaneous formats. 

Our bar will always be open. Kitchen always open for major shows.  For jam sessions, as we can find reliable staffing. 

With our apologies, we are forced to raise spectator admittance to $10 and musician fees to $5.  We are proud to have held the spectator fee to $5 since we opened in 1999.

Info for all Jam Sessions

Spectators, dancers and non-players pay a $10 cover for 3+ hours of live, spontaneous music, starting Feb 1st 2023.

Players, w/instruments, who sign in to play are charged $5 and called up in approximately sign in order, starting Mar 1st 2023.

  • Everyone who signs in plays/sings. Whole bands are welcome but please call ahead (517-795-0609) to firm up a 15-30 min time slot, depending on # of jammers signed up.
  • If you sing, BRING YOUR VOCAL MIC!!! Shure SM58's are preferred.      We no longer supply vocal mics.  We do supply most all instrument/amp mics and their placement.

Electric Jam Session particulars:

  • Host band plays at 7:15-8 then jammers are called up. Host band closes with a 3-4 song set at 10:30ish.
  • Guitar & bass players need instrument, cord, pedal board, cables & tuner. Decase your instrument, tune it up, then hang it on stage in the guitar hangers, to be ready when called to stage.  If you start tuning when called we move to the next player on the list and you go to the end of the list.
  • Harmonica players should bring your harps, harp mic & cord.
  • Horn players, just your horn (& wireless mic rig if you have one).
  • Keyboard players – bring your board, stand, stool, cords & pedals. An adjustable, 2 tier, Apex stand w/built in mic boom is on hand. The house keys rig is not available for use.
  • Amps: don't bring it; 2 Fender Blues Junior 15watt tube amps are provided and sometimes host bands amps.   Musical continuity, not tone, is the priority at a jam.
  • Drummers: bring your bag of sticks, brushes, mallets etc.

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